Ayers Guitar USA wants you as a life long customer.   If you’re happy with our guitars then we will stand by you 100%.

We offer you a lifetime trade up guarantee of 100% of the original purchase price of an Ayers Guitar for a more expensive Ayers model.

Here are the simple qualifications of the program:

1) You must be the original owner of an Ayers Guitar purchased from Ayers Guitar USA.

2) You’ll need your receipt showing you are the original owner and how much you paid.

3) Minor scratches that cannot be felt with a thumbnail are acceptable.   Dents, nicks, cracks, or deeper scratches larger than 1/4″ in diameter across, must be evaluated before we will accept the guitar for 100% trade in value.

4) Your new Ayers guitar must amount to a $300 increase (excluding shipping and taxes on new or old guitar) between the original price of the trade in guitar and the guitar being purchased.

5) This policy applies only to non custom shop guitars

6) First Trade can occur immediately after a new purchase.   After the first trade we allow one trade per 365 days covered at 100% of the previous purchase price.   Additional trades within 365 days from the last trade up will be covered at 80% of the purchase price of the guitar being traded in and there are no limits on the number of trades per year.   In all cases, the $300 difference between the guitars applies.