To help you get a snapshot of the Ayers Acoustic Guitar line we have put together the chart below to assist with getting to know the our guitars.
Our customer service can help with any questions you have along the way.

  • Most offer Dreadnaught, Auditorium, Small Jumbo and Orchestra acoustic body sizes.
  • All have optional cutaways except on for Dreadnaught size.
  • Anything marked with an S means it is the same as the previous cell to the left.
  • We have listed the starting prices as a reference point.
    S = Same as Previous     Y = Yes
Series 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 09
Online Starting Price $699 $1199 $1199 $1299 $1599 $1699 $1799 $2399
Body Size D, A, SJ, O D, A, SJ, O O D, A, SJ, O D, A, SJ, O D, A, SJ, O D, A, SJ, O D, A
Cutaway Option Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Top Western Red Cedar Sitka Spruce 2A African Mahogany Sitka Spruce 2A Sitka Spruce 2A Engelmann
Spruce 3A
Sitka Spruce 3A Koa 4A
Back & Sides Rosewood Plywood Vietnamese Mahogany African Mahogany Ovangkol German Maple East Indian Rosewood Koa 4A
Neck 3 Piece African Mahogany 1 Piece Vietnamese Mahogany 1 Piece African Mahogany S S S S s
Tuners Gotoh 301 Chrome S S S Gotoh 301 Gold w/ Ebony Knobs S S Gotoh 501 Gold w/ Ebony Knobs
Headstock Overlay East Indian Rosewood S S S Ovangkol Ebony East Indian Rosewood Ebony
Fretboard East Indian Rosewood S S S S Ebony S S
Bridge East Indian Rosewood S S S S Ebony S S
Strings EXL-16 S S S S S S S
Body Binding White Plastic Padauk / 0.5mm Maple Mahogany / 0.5mm Maple Padauk / 0.5mm Maple Padauk / 0.5mm Maple Maple / Vn. Rosewood 1mm Padauk / 0.5mm Maple Padauk 6mm / B 0.5mm / Maple 0.5mm
Fretboard Binding East Indian Rosewood S S Ebony Pakauk Vn. Rosewood Padauk Padauk
Headstock Binding Padauk Vn. Rosewood Padauk Padauk
Top Purfling BWB B / Maple 2mm / B Maple 0.5mm Padauk / Maple 2mm / B B / Maple 2mm / B Vn.Rosewood 1mm B / Maple 2mm / B BWB / 2mm Abalone BWB
Rosette BW / Abalone / WB BWB / 13mm Vietnamese Rosewood BWB Maple 2mm / B / Mahogany 3mm / WBW / Vn. Rosewood 5mm / WBW W 0.5mm/ Padauk 4mm/ Abalone 4mm/ Padauk 4mm/ w 0.5mm 0.5W / Ovangkol 4mm / Abalone 4mm / Ovangkol 4mm / 0.5 W Ebony 0.5m / Vn.Rosewood 4mm / Abalone 4mm / Vn.Rosewood 4mm / Ebony 0.5mm W 0.5mm / Rosewood 4mm / Abalone 4mm / Rosewood 4mm / W 0.5mm B / Padauk 1mm / W / Abalone-3mm / W / Padauk 1mm / B
Top, Back, Sides & Headstock Finish Gloss S S S S S S S
Neck Finish Satin S S S S S S S
Hardshell Case S S S S S S S S