Steeve Noonan
See a new Article about Steve @ Home Entertainment Magazine” I have LOVED my Ayers since the day I got it.   And it’s a great value at almost any price.”Steve’s long and distinguished career stretches back to the 1960′s.   We’re proud that he uses our guitar as his regular gigging instrument. See Steve’s Site….
Steeve Noonan
Mike Ellis
Mike Ellis is currently performing and teaching in the Dallas area.   He has thirty-eight years of music instruction experience and apprenticed with one of the greatest instructors of our time, Mr. Terrill Gardner.   Terrill taught Mike in the art of music instruction.Mike has been performing since the age of thirteen and has played with a broad and diverse group of players, even Academy Award Winner Robert Duvall.   He’s performed on a number of albums over the years.Mike’s comments on his Ayers A-01ce Acoustic Electric Guitar.    “It’s the best guitar I’ve ever played.    It fits me even better than the Taylors.   Thanks to Mark Kruezer and Ayers for bringing Ayers guitars into my life.”
Mike Ellis Dallas TX
I’ve been fortunate to have some great guitars here and there: Froggy Bottom, Goodall, Kronbauer, Fox, Thompson, SCGC, Martins and Taylors of all shapes and woods. I’m as enthused about this one as ANY I’ve ever had. I’ve got an AMAZING guitar at just an unreal price. Easily and by far the best for the buck I’ve every done. But regardless… this isn’t just a “great guitar for the money.” It’s a great guitar. It stands up to U.S. built small shop guitars easily.
Brent Madison WI
Ayers wins on 3 fronts in the guitar collectors world. Incredible sound, beautiful looks and amazing value. My 06 Series “Blond Bombshell” is hanging on my wall looking like a work of art… and it sounds like a work of art too. Even my non-musican friends can recognized a difference in tone. That Englemann Spruce really lets out the high and low E along with significant overtones. In the value category, I would have expected to pay more than twice the retail price. Very impressive on all fronts!
Ron San Francisco CA